Remodeling Your Bathroom? Here Are 3 Design Trends From 2018 To Keep In Mind

Bathroom remodeling isn’t inherently fun, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with it! Incorporating the latest design and decorating trends, from the type of flooring you choose to the tiles you include in the shower, can keep the experience fresh and lively. If you’re unsure where to begin, take a look at these three 2018 design trends.


  • Size Isn’t Everything: If you’ve ever seen a show on HGTV, the bathroom remodelers always seem to think bigger is better. Two person sinks, walk-in showers that can easily hold six people, and expansive marble floors all create a space that an individual seems to drown in on their own. Additionally, bathroom remodeling usually focuses on design upgrades and changes rather than expansions into nearby rooms, so you probably aren’t even able to recreate those grandiose master baths. The trick to making your bathroom feel comfortable and not cramped involves the efficient use of the space you do have: consider shelving in the place of cabinets, floating vanities to create the perception of space, and space-saving walk-in showers. Your bathroom doesn’t need to be huge to feel like a sanctuary.


  • Incorporate Tech: The bathroom may seem like the last place you’d want to bring a computer into, but the reality is absolutely amazing. Being able to control the exact temperature of your shower — even creating “routines” with intensity and pressure (like for after a workout) — is a luxury you never know you needed. Companies are beginning to design toilets that warm your feet while sitting, and sound systems that react to voice technology so you can personalize your music without drying off or lifting a finger. If those sound a little extreme to you, go simpler: install heated floors so your bare toes will never be chilly again.


  • Boldly Go: Accent walls and floors bring the design of a room together, acting as its focal point, drawing the eye and keeping its attention. By adding a bold pattern or color to these features (that maintains the style of your home), you’ll be amazed at the change it makes.


More than 80% of homeowners performing a bathroom remodel replace major features, so don’t let the work intimidate you! Before you know it, you’ll have a bathroom that looks like it belongs on the golden screens of HGTV.