International Inspiration For Your Kitchen

If you’re doing some remodeling on your home, maybe you’re in the 76% of American homeowners who change the style of their kitchen at the same time as a renovation. Or maybe you’re simply tiring of your kitchen’s current style and just want a change of pace. When kitchen remodeling or redecorating, try taking some inspiration from international norms and trends to add a little unique flair.

Clothes washer and dryer.

In the UK especially, it’s common to have a washer and possibly a dryer unit in your kitchen. Think of how convenient a little washer/dryer unit would be! Perfect for small, easily accessible loads of laundry or a batch of dish towels, with the addition of being charmingly European.

Saltillo floor tiling.

Originating in Saltillo, Mexico but garnering a popularity in Mediterranean kitchens as well, Saltillo tile is a unique and beautiful terra-cotta tile. Careful, it absorbs absolutely everything and needs a good sealant and upkeep to avoid stains and scuffs. If you don’t mind the maintenance, a Saltillo tile floor (or a look-alike) is an unexpected and rustic kitchen feature. This flooring is probably best used in a warm climate, but ask your flooring company of choice for their input on similar suitable choices for your climate.

A “waterfall” countertop or island.

Currently trending in urban Indian kitchens is the modern and fresh ‘waterfall’ countertop. It features a monolithic design where the vertical countertop doesn’t end as a slab, but rather continues down horizontally as the remainder of the counter or island. It’s especially sleek in genuine or faux marble.

Stone range hood.

Calling on Old-World French countryside style, a stone range hood is a charming fixture for your kitchen that actually lends a bit more warmth and earthy comfort than a typical metal hood.

Cabinets without hardware.

In the ultra-modern island city of Hong Kong, sleek white cabinets without any hardware are all the design rage. If you’re into minimalism and a clean finish, try a cabinet installation without hardware.

American kitchens may have stagnated recently into modern looks of open floor plans, granite, and stainless steel, but you don’t have to follow suit if that feels too plain. Just look to your international neighbors to add an extra special personalized flair!