3 Renovation Tips to Make Your Kitchen Look Larger

A kitchen renovation doesn’t always require tearing down walls to expand the space. Oftentimes, it’s more financially sound to renovate the space as it is, even if you rely on the help of kitchen remodelers in Northern VA. When you want to make your kitchen look bigger, there are a few key ways to do that without calling the demolition crew.

Here are three of the top renovation tips to make your kitchen look larger.

Focus on lighting

The lighting in your home is a key element to opening up an otherwise tiny space. If you don’t have a kitchen window already, talk to your kitchen remodelers in Northern VA about changing that. Once you have a great window to let in plenty of natural light, opt for sheer curtains and white blinds to keep the space airy, open, and bright during the day.

You can make your lighting work harder by opting for white surfaces that work to scatter light naturally throughout your kitchen. A lighter countertop and bright white cabinets will work double duty storing your goods and reflecting the light. You can also try installing mirrors in strategic locations (such as above the sink) to bounce light even more. In locations where natural light doesn’t reach, install under-cabinet lighting to deter space-stealing shadows.

Streamline your furnishings

Maybe you’re a single person on a tight budget or a parent whose last child finally moved out. If you’re working with a bulky island counter and larger-than-life appliances, downgrading to simpler options will open up your kitchen with minimal effort.

This includes choosing a smaller refrigerator, downsizing your stove, and getting rid of that bulky kitchen table for a countertop bar. The more space you can glean from unnecessarily bulky objects, the better.

Install new flooring

Any good flooring company knows the tips and tricks to stretch your floor without stealing space. When you want to make your kitchen look larger, broad stripes, white tiles, and clever patterns can go a long way. Experiment with color and designs that match your color scheme to create a cohesive look in your kitchen.

In a 2016 HOUZZ kitchen study, nearly 87% of homeowners claimed they relied on the help of a professional when they remodeled their kitchen. When you want the job done right, don’t hesitate to contact kitchen remodelers in Northern VA with plenty of experience: with the help of Collins Tile and Stone, performing your kitchen remodel or bathroom remodel will be a breeze.