Bathroom Remodeling Ruminations: 3 Things To Think About Before Renovating

It’s natural to get antsy about upgrading our living spaces. Human beings have an innate propensity for boredom when things remain static. It’s oxymoronic because human beings are also not the best at dealing with change. Unless, of course, it’s on their own terms.

There’s no better place to witness changes on our own terms than in our own homes. This is especially true in our bathrooms. According to a survey by the National Association of Homebuilders, bathroom remodeling projects are the most requested jobs in the United States, making up 78% of renovations.

Kitchen and bathroom remodelers know that many homeowners are swift to jump into a project, but have seen some regretable renovation decisions caused by hastiness. Let’s look at a few things that bathroom remodelers will urge you to avoid.


Gaudy Isn’t Synonymous With Chic

Perhaps you’ve seen pictures of palace-esque bathrooms around the world. Granite and marble-laden spaces that look more like the scene of a gala than of your morning shower. These are wonderful to look at but are certainly more fantasy than reality. Most bathrooms are spatially modest and gaudy design — no matter how luxurious — is out of place rather than a compliment to the rest of the home. Remember your home as a whole and renovate your bathroom accordingly.


Don’t Cheap Out On The Accessories

If the previous point sounded like we’re poo-pooing luxury, that’s not what we’re trying to do. There’s a difference between luxury for the sake of luxury and quality. Residential bathrooms take a beating. Shower handles, tub accessories, light fixtures, and the many minute details that pull the bathroom together must be high quality. Avoid being cheap on these things, especially in your shower and tub. There’s nothing like water consistently pouring out of and splashing onto your bathroom accessories to remind you of their poor quality.


Calm The Colors

There are many rooms in your house that you can make into a statement piece. The bathroom shouldn’t be that room. It’s not an entertainment space, it’s a space that should be peaceful and welcoming. The bathroom color scheme is an oddly important, with most realtors recommending subdued colors in a 70/20/10 distribution ratio, so put the lime green away. There’s plenty of space to get creative in there without going overboard.


Your bathroom is a place of rest, peace, and safety. It’s a place that should exude comfort and cleanliness, yet it also has the power to boost the value of your home. Don’t rush into jobs like this. Take your time and make the best plan possible for your space.

When you’re thinking of bathroom renovations, want a new shower or tub remodeling, or just need some friendly advice before taking the plunge, talk to the professional kitchen and bathroom remodeling contractors at Collins Tile and Stone. We’d be happy to help.