Five Kitchen Designs Trending in 2020

Reworking the kitchen can be a lucrative venture with even minor kitchen remodels packing an average return on investment (ROI) of 82.7%!

If you have been toying with the possibility of making over your kitchen, now is the perfect time to do it. The American interior design website, Houzz, and other top designers recently released their predictions for the top kitchen trends of 2020. Here are a few:

1.Kitchens That Are Handle-Free

Handles and knobs get a lot of attention from kitchen and bathroom design experts. They’re small, lightweight, and easy to remove. After removing handles and knobs, you can easily customize them or style them to create a whole new look. For example, purchase thick black drawer pulls with elaborate Victorian details for an elegant feel. For something more reigned in, textured brass cabinet pulls are high-end yet subtle.

However, in 2020, the most popular trend is to forgo handles, knobs, and cabinet or drawer pulls all together. By opting for cabinets and drawers that are handle-free, homeowners create a minimalist atmosphere. Kitchens look sleek and simple–not overly fussy. Leaving cabinets relatively bare draws attention to the other elements of your kitchen. To achieve this look, purchase push-open cabinets or cabinets and drawers with recessed handles.

2. Textured Backsplashes

Textured backsplashes are another top trend in kitchen and bathroom makeovers, with marble backsplashes being among the most popular. Once upon a time, marble was strictly for countertops. Not anymore! Marble adds an instant air of luxury and it is relatively versatile, meaning you can match it with just about any color scheme.

Another trend is to use the backsplash as an opportunity to add color. “A backsplash is the best place to add a pop of color into a kitchen design without having to do a full kitchen renovation,” designer Christine Markatos Lowe tells Elle Decor. Mix up an all-white kitchen by selecting a few bold colors for a new and striking, tiled backdrop.

3. The Cylinder Hood

A range hood filters smoke, cooking odors, and grease out of the air. In some cases, they’re required. In others, and particularly in the case of cylinder hoods, they’re stylish.

A growing number of homeowners are replacing traditional, boxy and/or triangular range hoods with dramatic cylinder hoods. Cylinder hoods are popular statement hoods. They demand attention, and homeowners have some flexibility when deciding what sort of statement they would like to make. For example, a large cylinder hood can be fitted above the stove for a classic look. Hang a cylinder hood above kitchen islands for a more dramatic flair.

4. Return of The Larder

Before refrigerators, there were kitchen larders. Kitchen larders are a cross between a pantry and a refrigerator, or small, enclosed spaces used for storing food… and they’re making a comeback this year.

In 2020, add value to your home with this unexpected kitchen and bathroom remodel trick. If you do not have a pantry and have been left to contend with exposed shelving, you’re in luck. Follow the latest trend by fitting these spaces with an attractive set of doors and closing them off to view. Larders are a great place for spare dishes and dry goods and their eye-catching doors can add a practical yet chic air to your home.

5. More Kitchens In Classic Blue

Pantone’s color of the year is Classic Blue. According to the company, classic blue evokes feelings of calm and tranquility, while also suggesting resilience and reflection. In other words, deep blues have the potential to stir up quite a few emotions in you and your guests. Thanks to Pantone’s endorsement, you are going to see a lot of blue this year.

A bold blue is perfect for a pop of color. Dress up all-white kitchens with bright blue cabinets or window frames. Alternatively, keep the walls, fixtures, and appliances all white. Contact a local flooring company to ask about installing new, arresting blue flooring. A dramatic, deep blue floor is the perfect way to offset to an otherwise all-white kitchen.

The Houzz survey results concur. Marble and quartz backsplashes are in, with a 51% share of the kitchen materials market. Blue kitchen remodels account for 7% of kitchen remodels (compared to just 5% last year), and vinyl floors, perfect for that pop of bright blue, are the third most popular choice for flooring materials.

Kitchen and bathroom remodels are on the rise. Start with the kitchen. Contact local remodeling companies to get started today!