Best Kitchen Styles for Remodeling

There are many reasons why homeowners choose to remodel their kitchen. Aside from cracked countertops and worn cabinets, many people choose to remodel to add space, improve efficiency and update the design of their kitchen. As Northern Virginia’s premier kitchen remodeling service, we’ve seen many styles come and go over the years. The following are our favorite kitchen styles for remodeling.

Farmhouse Kitchen

Farmhouse kitchens feature open shelving, wide sinks, classic flooring and a large kitchen table. This style is warm and welcoming with just a hint of country charm. Farmhouse kitchens rely on natural materials and have cooking spaces that are meant to accommodate large meals.

Traditional Kitchen

Traditional kitchens include a variety of design elements and architectural features from the 18th, 19th and early 20th century. This elegant and luxurious style includes lots of detail and ornamentation. Traditional kitchens typically utilize a mix of natural materials to create a layered look.

Modern Kitchen

Modern kitchens feature frameless cabinets, sleek design and no ornamentation. This style of kitchen combines functionality and design to create an effective workspace with a truly modern feel.

Contemporary Kitchen

While modern kitchens focus on structure and grid, a contemporary kitchen includes traditional kitchen elements to create a space that is both functional and livable.

Transitional Kitchen

Transitional kitchens combine traditional design with contemporary style to create a space that promotes balance and harmony. Transitional kitchens are functional and beautiful.

Craftsman Kitchen

Craftsman kitchens rely on rich woods to create an elegant, warm and inviting space. Craftsman kitchens are all at once functional and stylish. Every detail of a craftsman kitchen is extremely well-made, yet simple. This timeless style made its debut in the early 20th century.

Cottage Kitchen

Cottage kitchens feature open shelving, vintage hardware and soft colors. Both cozy and comfortable, this style is reminiscent of a simpler time.

Undergoing a remodel is a lot cheaper than moving.  Especially if you are moving in Arlington VA or other Northern VA communities. A successful kitchen remodel is dependent upon careful planning, quality craftsmanship and superior products. Collins Tile & Stone offers complete kitchen remodeling services and custom tile and stone installations. Please contact us if you are ready to update the style and functionality of your kitchen.