6 Layouts to Consider for Your Kitchen

The decision to purchase a home is one of the most consequential steps in most people’s lives. In some cases, it is usually the first step couples take when they decide to start a family. As such, your home must suit your family’s needs.

This is why every year, millions of Americans renovate their houses to suit their growing families or changing needs. In 2018 alone, the expenditure on renovations and home improvements in the U.S. was approximately $394 billion. Kitchens and bathrooms are among the most remodeled rooms. In fact, during renovation projects, over three-quarters of homeowners alter the layout of their kitchen.

A kitchen plays a vital role in the house. It is where food is stored, prepared, and at times taken. Therefore, in addition to being the envy of your neighbors and friends, it must be functional. If you’re thinking of renovating, here are some kitchen remodeling layouts you should consider.

1. Galley Kitchen

The galley kitchen layout is also known as the parallel kitchen or a walk-through kitchen. It is suitable for small spaces and one cook kitchens. However, it is very efficient in comparison to other kitchen layouts.

This layout is characterized by two parallel walls and a walkway in between. This layout makes it easier to design cabinets and allows maximum use of space. If there is enough space left, you can include an island for additional features and a seating area.

2. The Horseshoe

Do you spend a lot of time in the kitchen and have an ample kitchen space? If yes, the horseshoe, also known as the U-shaped layout, is your best kitchen remodeling option. This design is an energy and time saver when preparing meals.

This is because the layout has three walls that offer additional floor space, cabinet space, and counters. As such, you will have enough space to store everything you need, and separate cooking and preparation areas.

3. L-Shaped Kitchen

This layout makes excellent use of corner space and is perfect for small and medium-sized kitchens. The difference between this layout and the horseshoe is that this design has one less wall of storage and counters.

You can add multiple work zones or dining spaces to this layout. However, it is not ideal for a lot of traffic. It is suitable for people who love privacy while cooking.

4. Island Kitchen

Adding an island to your kitchen is an excellent way of increasing your cabinet and work space while improving your layout. This space can also be used for additional appliances or sinks. Islands can be used to convert L-shaped kitchens into horseshoes and add depth to the galley kitchen if there is enough space.

Instead of leaving space in the middle of the kitchen, add a few bar stools beside the island and create a nice place for family members to meet or have dinner.

5. Peninsula Kitchen

Also known as G-shaped, the peninsula layout is whereby an island that’s connected to the rest of the kitchen. The resultant design resembles a U-shaped kitchen layout without the wall behind the peninsula.

Peninsulas are suitable for kitchens that do not have enough space for an island. However, unlike islands, peninsulas only have three freestanding areas for access.

6. Two Island Kitchens

This layout is suitable for large kitchens and people going for an extravagant kitchen remodeling. If your kitchen has a large open space in the middle, you have two options. You can choose to erect one large island, but this may not be practical.

This is where the two island layout comes in. It opens up a whole new window of possibilities. One island can be for preparation and the other for cooking. Alternatively, one can be used for kitchen functions and the other dedicated to the family.

Choose Design that Suits You

The primary goal of any kitchen remodeling should be to increase the functionality of the space. The rest comes after. Each design has its benefits. Thus, you should carefully assess your needs before choosing a layout and consult kitchen remodelers in Ashburn VA for professional advice.