6 Helpful Tips for Remodeling Your Bathroom

The bathroom is one place that most people overlook when remodeling their homes even though this small room has incredible remodeling potential. Bathrooms are great for remodeling because they are usually smaller than other rooms in your house and can have many styles and designs.

Apart from the usual fixtures and lightings, you could always play around with the flooring by using quality stone floors, and upgrade your shower too while you’re at it. It is interesting to know that an estimated 87% of all homeowners update their showers when doing bathroom remodeling.

If you’re sold on the idea of remodeling your bathroom but have no idea on how to go on about it, read through this piece for some amazing tips on how to remodel your bathroom and shower to reflect your personality.

Tips When Remodeling Your Bathroom

1. Plan Accordingly

Before checking your local listings for any bathroom remodeler, you should first come up with a comprehensive plan on the approach to your bathroom remodeling. This plan should include all the fixtures and installations you want, what should go and what should stay, any expansion if needed, and the budget for the entire renovation. When making a budget, it is always important to put some extra cash aside in case of any unexpected occurrences or emergencies.

2. Don’t Move the Plumbing

If you truly want to save on cash during your bathroom renovation, then consider using the existing piping. It is, however, advisable to consult with a professional to ascertain whether your current piping layout is in good order or any fixes or alterations are needed. Remember, altering the location of the shower, bathtub, and sink is no easy feat and could set you back up to $5000 if you are relocating the entire plumbing system.

3. Flooring

When it comes to floors, nothing beats old-fashion quality stone finishes. These stone floors come in a variety of materials and designs that could easily match your preference. Stone tiles or slabs always work great for bathrooms floors and add flair and personality to the entire room. If you opt for stone flooring for your shower, then remember to choose a slip-resistant surface to prevent any accidents while showering; shower accidents are pretty dangerous and embarrassing too.

4. Focus on the Lighting

Elegant faucets and stone floors will always make for an elegant bathroom, but to create the proper ambiance for the room, you should invest in the lighting. For bathroom lighting, consider LED recessed light with wall sconces near the mirror to brighten or dim the lights accordingly.

5. Ventilation for Your Bathroom

It’s no surprise that the bathroom’s ventilation usually takes a back seat during the renovation process. This negligence is probably because the ventilation is least likely to add to the overall aesthetic value of your bathroom. It is, however, important to note that proper ventilation is especially crucial for bathroom and shower areas to prevent the growth and build-up of mildew and mold which could ruin every aspect of your bathroom from the floors to the cabinets and sinks.

You should consider installing a fan with a timer or shower panels that leave enough room for ventilation. You could even opt for a shower transom at the door to dry out the shower whenever you close the door.

6. Plan for the Future

Not in terms of saving money, but in terms of the overall value of your house with time so that you can get a significant profit when you decide to sell the house later. If you intend on staying in the same house for a long time, then go for a design that you’ll love and be comfortable with it for a long time.

Bathroom renovations are exciting, and with the right tips and a proper bathroom remodeler to help you out, your renovated bathroom could be the highlight of your home. Remember to take these few renovation tips to heart next time you remodel your bathroom for guaranteed success.