3 Great Home Remodeling Project Ideas

Remodeling your home doesn’t have to feel like a difficult chore. As long as you’re realistic about your goals and try to find the creativity in some of these remodeling projects, you can actually improve your home and have fun doing it. Although not every home improvement project is glamorous, many of them provide a wonderful aesthetic benefit once finished, as well as an uptick in resale value.

Here are some of the best remodeling ideas that you and your family should consider in 2018:

    • Bathroom modeling jobs — Shower and tub remodeling, for instance, can give your home a fantastic new look and even yield a pretty solid return on your investment. On average, bathroom additions offer about 86.4% return on investment. Make sure you’re consulting with experienced bathroom remodelers during these projects, though, because you wouldn’t want to ruin your home’s plumbing and not be able to use the shower or bathroom for a while. Yikes.


    • Kitchen remodeling jobs — Perhaps the most common type of home improvement project, kitchen remodeling jobs are so popular because homeowners spend the majority of their time either in or near the kitchen. Having new countertops installed, upgrading your appliances, redoing the walls and floors, and having a kitchen island can not only look great but it can significantly increase your home’s resale value. Outdoor kitchens and outdoor chimney are very popular as well and help differentiate your home from others.


  • Take advantage of your staircase — Don’t just leave your staircase as it’s always been, get a little fun with it. You can turn the space underneath your staircase into a convenient storage unit, a creative bookcase, or just use it as a place to add more decorations to your home.

Don’t just leave your home exactly as it was when you moved in all those years ago — improve it with some fun projects! Keep in mind, however, that you should work with skilled home and bathroom remodelers during these major projects in order to ensure a job well done. If you want to contact skilled kitchen and bathroom remodelers, give Collins Tile and Stone a call today!