K. and E. Swartz, Alexandria, VA

Thank you, Buck, Steve, George, Eddie and everyone else at Collins Tile and Stone! We are so very pleased with all of the work that you did for us. We first met the professionals from Collins Tile and Stone when they refurbished our grout in two bathrooms; the result was stunning. Our twenty-four-year-old tiles now look like new! George was great, on time, pleasant, and professional. During our initial estimate for the grout work, we pointed out to Buck that we were feeling wary about the quality of the floor tile job that was done by another company just a week before (they were the lowest bidder…you get what you pay for, apparently). Buck immediately identified problems with the installation of the floor tiles and suggested how it might be fixed, without any pressure to use his company. After being so incredibly impressed with Grout Medic, we contacted Buck again for an estimate to fix the floors. Everything needed to be removed from the poorly refinished bathrooms so that completely new floors could be installed properly. We immediately called Collins Tile and Stone and after talking to Dana and Buck, we knew the job would be done quickly and properly; what a relief. We were loathe to go through another week of bathroom upheaval but Steve and Buck made the entire process quick, efficient, and painless. Steve expertly removed the brand new wooden vanities and counter tops, (one granite, one marble) without a scratch or nick. (We had been told by other potential contractors to expect to purchase new tops in the likelihood that they would be broken upon removal.) Steve even centered the new medicine cabinet and light fixture over the new vanities that the other company left off-center. Once again, the result was stunning. Everything was back exactly as it should have been with perfectly-executed tile floors, no loose grout, no cracking, just beautiful! We know that our project was small compared to the large-scale projects that Collins Tile and Stone is capable of taking on, but we felt that our project was given top priority. The finished work of George, as the Grout Medic and Steve for our bathroom re-remodel both exceeded our expectations. We just can’t thank you all enough for your exceedingly professional, competent, and skillful work. If you are reading this as a prospective client, rest assured you have found your company. You may be able to get your job done on the cheap with someone else…but with Collins Tile and Stone, you have guaranteed peace of mind that the job will be done right the first time!